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The most successful Entrepreneurs are struggling with ADHD, Anxiety or Addiction at higher rates than ever before. The most ambitious in business are often suffering the most in their health and relationships.

In this FREE book, you are guided through a curated collection of short insights on Wellness, Success, and Connection. It’s packed with wisdom and witticism to give you confidence, direction, and emotional wellbeing to experience true fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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We do have a limited supply of physical copies of Life Gives To The Giver in paperback and are happy to provide you a free copy if you cover shipping. There’s no upsell or continuity; no trickery. No fear.

That’s the whole point of providing you this content for free: no fear, just positive strategies that will work right now, for Health, Wealth, and Success.

As business owners and results leaders we do not have the option to waste time, money, or energy – especially in a world that is evolving at a rapid pace.

Getting this book now to read as short bursts for staying positive, valuable, and profitable.

Simply fill out the free physical book request form here, include payment for postage ($10 USA Only), and a copy will be mailed to you.

What's Inside

Inside Book, You'll Discover

  • A surprising link between "getting physical," making money, and becoming more influential
  • Simple ways to make your life work better, accomplish more, and experience Entrepreneurial freedom
  • One of the biggest mistakes successful Entrepreneurs make that destroys their wealth - and what to do to avoid it
  • 5 secrets to living a High Integrity Life
  • The ONE THING you need to do to succeed in business over and above almost anything else
  • The 9 most important lessons I’ve learned for success and fulfillment in business
  • The single best piece of private advice I ever got from billionaire Sir Richard Branson
  • And A LOT more...

Just ONE of these ideas could positively transform your business and life.

What People Say

“Fantastic Things can come from it

Joe has a wonderful knack of pulling people together, throwing them in a pot, stirring them up and fantastic things can come from it.”

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Founder of Virgin Group

About The Author

Joe Polish has been called the “world's best connector”- and for good reason.

The once ponytailed, dead-broke, drug addicted carpet cleaner became a millionaire by the age of 30 and then went on to establish the world's two highest-level marketing groups (Genius Network® and GeniusX®).
So how does an “average Joe” from Arizona come to advise everyone from Arianna Huffington to Paula Abdul? How does he grow close to Richard Branson, host Tony Robbins at his events and help people like Peter Diamandis launch books to bestseller status? The answers to most of those questions can be found in his book, “Life Gives To The Giver.” From advice on marketing and selling to thoughts on wellness and recovery, Life Gives to the Giver is packed with both wisdom and witticism, providing those who wish to succeed in business-and life-a treasure trove that can help guide them exactly where they want to go.

What Joe Says About This Book

I think to be contended as an Entrepreneur you need to set up your business and life so it's E.L.F®. - Easy, Lucrative, and Fun.

This book will give you E.L.F.® insights to transform the way you look at what you do...

Joe Polish

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Get Joe's new Life Gives To The Giver Book for Free

This book is a curated collection of short insights on Wellness, Success, and Business. It’s packed with wisdom and witticism to give you confidence, direction, and emotional wellbeing as Entrepreneurs in these uncertain times.

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